5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Finch

Mumbai’s cityscape is constantly buzzing with places to shop, eat, or just catch up with friends. Given the love for stepping out, there are new places sprouting every single day in the Maximum City. And in such a competitive market, it’s obviously a Herculean task to cut the clutter and get noticed. One of the latest additions to the pubs in Andheri is called The Finch – a haunt that got noticed by Mumbaikars rather quickly, thanks to live music and all other amazing things it offers.

While the city residents may find its location a bit odd and off the usual crowded spots, it works beautifully well given its proximity to the airport. Not only does it promise best live music in Andheri, it is also a great party place for expats, and doubles up as a convenient corporate party place.

Here are five solid reasons to keep coming back to The Finch.

Oh, So Blue
The Finch, located right by the side of the road, emerges magically with its aesthetic lighting against its unassuming surroundings. A small iron bridge from the road directly takes you inside this spacious place with mood lighting, distant seating, and an impressive stage that instantly wants you to sit and wait for all the live music ready to come your way.

On The Rocks
The Finch, one of the highly rated pubs in the area between Andheri and Powai, has a beautiful bar section with a fully stocked and serviced bar. They brew their own craft beer and have a range of five variants, a major crowd puller. Be it international or Indian makes, they have it all.

Live To Eat
The Finch’s food menu is a melting pot of multiple cuisine from across the globe. And the best part? They’re acing it all. Be it the finger food to accompany your drinks, or the wholesome meal that follows, you will relish every morsel that goes into your mouth popping flavour bombs, one after the other.

It’s Raining Offers
The Finch runs attractive offers round the week. Every Wednesday is their ladies night where they serve choicest of wine cocktails, a rarity. Their brunch buffets every Sunday are delectable besides being value for money. And extended happy hours (6-8.30 PM) from Sunday to Thursday is always a happy reason to pick this over others.

Encore! Encore!
We saved the best reason for the last. The Finch positions itself as a place for live music. And it lives up to that completely. From wonderful acoustics, a great treatment to the artists, to a wonderful stage setup, The Finch is a treat to perform and attend live music performances at. And the fact that they are open to performances from all genres, there’s something for everyone here.


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