Importance of Hydrolysed Proteins

Everyone knows that a Glass/Cup of Milk contains 8 gms Protein or a boiled Egg contains 6 gms Protein. Let’s get to know what a Protein is and how important is it for a Human Body!!

What Are Proteins??

The word Protein comes from the Greek word Protos which means First Element. Proteins are the building block of our body. Proteins are made up from single units known as amino acids. These amino acids (approximately 20 different types) are arranged joined together through peptide bonds. Proteins are the essential elements for growth and repair, good functioning and structure of all living cells. A protein may contain around 300 amino acids. The shape of the protein molecule is important as it often determines the function of the protein. There are about twenty different amino acids commonly found in plants and animals.

The Protein Cycle

protein cycle - protinex event in mumbai

Proteins in our body are constantly being built and disposed of. After we eat, proteins are broken down by digestion into amino acids. Amino acids are then absorbed and used to make other proteins in the body. Adequate protein and energy intake, on a daily basis ensures the cycle continues. The Protein requirement for a Healthy Adult is 1g Protein per KG Body weight per day.

Complete Vs Incomplete Protein

Complete Proteins contain all 9 necessary Amino Acids in the right quantity to meet body requirement for growth & good health.

Incomplete Protein lacks one or more essential Amino acids in the right quantity to meet our body requirement.

Different Forms of Proteins

There are 4 types of Proteins:

  • Intact Protein
  • Protein Concentrate
  • Protein Isolate
  • Protein Hydrolysate

Hydrolyzed Proteins


In order for a protein to be useful, it has to be broken up into smaller segments. This is because proteins such as collagen, wheat protein or keratin are Too Large to be useful. By breaking the protein up into smaller fragments i.e. hydrolyzed protein. Hydrolyzed proteins are a mixture of Tri peptides and Di Peptides and few amino acids. These are easily absorbed by the intestine and does not need complex breakdown process.

Preparing Hydrolysed Proteins

Protein Hydrolysate is a mixture of amino acids prepared by splitting a protein with acid, alkali, or enzyme. Such preparations provide the nutritive equivalent of the original material in the form of its constituent amino acids and are used as nutrient in special diets or for patients unable to take ordinary food proteins. Protein hydrolysate has special application in sports medicine because its consumption allows amino acids to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins, thus maximizing nutrient delivery to muscle tissues.

Advantages of Hydrolyzed Proteins

  1. Helps greater delivery of amino acids from the gut to muscles.
  2. Enhance speed of delivery of amino acids when compared to intact protein.
  3. Enhance the activity of Insulin when compared to intact protein.
  4. It causes superior glycogen replacement and greater anabolic response i.e. increase in Muscle Mass.
  5. Hydrolysed proteins are less allergenic in Babies.


The launch of Protinex’s Protein Calculator took place on 15 Feb 2018 at Sofitel BKC, Mumbai. Ms. Ruby Sound shared her views on the intake of Protein and how many people re protein deficient in the country. Commenting on the launch, Himanshu Bakshi, Director, Marketing, Danone India said, “93 per cent of Indians are unaware of their ideal protein requirement and believe that they are getting enough protein in their diet.

The Protein Calculator was launched and unveiled by the U-19 World Cup winning captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Prithvi Shaw. This calculator is an easy to use tool to calculate one’s daily protein intake and improve one’s diet to fulfill the need for protein. It is as simple as filling your daily meal and you get the % of your daily protein.

While launching the Calculator, Prithvi Shaw, U-19 captain of Team India, said “This is a great tool for all of us especially in this fast-paced lifestyle where we lose control on our daily diet. Protein check has become so easy now. Protein is important for the right growth and maintaining active lifestyle.

PROTINEX – Your Daily Dose of Protein

Protinex, a hydrolyzed protein based supplement which can be consumed by people of all ages and gender. It is one of the oldest health supplement. Protinex makes your body stronger, improves stamina and immune system. It is a complete protein formula containing more proteins than any other health supplement. Anyone who is expecting a healthy and stronger muscles can take Protinex powder on a daily basis.

In this fast paced life, it gets difficult to meet our daily Protein needs. That’s why Protinex brings to you a Snack that gathers convenience, taste, health & Of course, Protein in every bite. Protinex Bytes, is your companion to fulfill your daily Protein intake On-The Go. Each byte comes with wholesome nutrition to help retain your energy levels. These bite sized biscuits come in Vanilla flavor. 5 Bytes = 1 serving of Protinex (powder).

With Protinex Bytes, get your daily dose of Protein On the Go, As a Snack & at Work.


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