This Lounge in Bandra is serving Sheesha starting from 200 Bucks. Check out Now!!

Looking for an awesome place to chill out with friends and some Sheesha?? This lounge in Bandra Reclamation offers Sheesha at an unbelievable price.

With some amazing flavors like Kiwi Mint, Dubai Special, Kiwi Salsa, etc. you can enjoy their Sheesha at just 200 Rupees. With Chic Velvety Ambiance, Cafe 123 is all set to offer you amazing Food along with Sheesha at such an interesting price.

cafe 123 bandra sheesha lounge

If you’re looking for a flavor that’s cooler, you can try Kiwi Mint, Paan, etc. For a different flavor, go for Dubai Special which is amazing. They have more that 15 flavors to choose from.

cheap sheesha in bandra west

As you can see, they have made it interesting by changing their cost according to the time of the day. The cheapest is in the afternoon around 2 PM. It goes increasing gradually every hour and is 799 bucks after 7 PM which is an awesome offer.

As far as food is concerned, they have mostly concentrated on India Cuisine along with American.

Some of their best appetizers include: Spicy Chicken Hummus, Beetroot Kababs, Tandoori Lamb Chops, Chicken Bhuna Roll, Masala French Fries, etc.

Masala French Fries
Masala Fries
chicken pahadi tikka
Chicken Pahadi Tikka
chicken hummus
Chicken Hummus
Chicken Black activated charcoal burger
Chicken Black Burger

They have this BLACK BURGER in both Chicken and Veg. This is the latest trend i.e. using Activated Charcoal in Food which is said to have positive effect on our body.

For Mains, you can try their Chicken or Mutton Bhuna with Naan or Kulchas.

So head over to Cafe 123 located at Bandra Reclamation to enjoy some mouth watering food and Sheesha.



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