Tanatan Juhu – A Taste of Progressive Indian Cuisine

TANATAN opened a week ago in Juhu offers Progressive Indian Cuisine. This newly opened place has a lit ambience and has live music gigs that makes your evenings, truly special.


tanatan juhu live music

The ambience is apt just like you wanna see at a Fine Dine resto. The wall has nice colorful attractive paintings. The seating is comfy and gives you that royal feeling with dinner. Moreover, the Live Music fills the atmosphere with energy and makes your evening, a fun filled one.


Tanatan serves some good cocktails namely Sharabi Kava, Mexican Nasha, Paan ki Shaan, & Rum Old Fashioned.

tanatan juhu - Paan Cocktail

Tanatan Juhu - Rum Old Fashioned

Out of these, the Paan ki Shaan (Vodka-Paan syrup) and Rum Old Fashioned (Dark & Gold Rum, Orange Juice) turned out to be very interesting. You can check both in the above Pics.


Food which is always the main component when rating is restaurant, the food here was spot on with Indian taste. Given their main cuisine is Indian, they have added nice twists in some dishes. Lets see how my delicious journey at Tanatan went…

The accompaniments that came were typical Indian namely; Onion, Pickle, Lemon & Chutney.

Khow Suey:

This was a great twist to the most beloved Indian Snack – SAMOSA! The filling was quite interesting which was of a Khowsuey. The taste was not that great but full marks to the way it was presented.

Pulled Tandoori Murg Salad:

Finger licking Tandoori Chicken, shredded and served with Indian style salad made with freshly cut Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onion with pineapple for that hint of sweet, served with rolled Papads.

Mirza Sahab K Gosht K Kababs:

tanatan juhu - gosht k kababs

When I saw this in the menu, I immediately called for this one. I had expected this dish to be something different, but it came out in the form of Galouti kababs served on mini parathas. The dish made from minced chicken was mildly spiced and perfectly cooked. It looked very attractive as show below in the closeup.

Tandoori Pomfret:

tanatan juhu - tandoori pomfret

This was the best dish of the night. Whole Pomfret with finger licking marination grilled to perfection. The fish was nice and fresh and was very well done. Its not easy to Grill seafood as it gets cooked in no time as compared to chicken. A squeeze of lemon enhanced the flavors of this Fish.

Tanatan Prawns:

Fried Prawns have always been my weakness, whenever I see them in the menu. The prawns here instantly caught my attention as they had the restaurant name attached to them. Even when the staff said they are fried prawns a little similar to Koliwada style, I had to try them to see how they taste and how well they are presented.

tanatan juhu - Tanatan Fried Prawns

Loved the way the prawns were presented and it tasted.

After having these soul satisfying appetizers, I ordered a Mains dish on the staff’s recommendation. It had a very unique name which forced me to order it.

Dilli ki Galiyon Se:

tanatan juhu - Delhi ki galiyon se

The dish was very attractive and super yummy…. The best of the dishes one could get in Delhi, the dish came with 2 Lacchha Parathas, Dal Bukhara and Butter Chicken.  The Dal was nice and rich and was bang on taste. A must have if you are a Dal Makhani-Bukhara person.

Tanatan Juhu - Dal Bukhara, Butter Chicken

The Butter Chicken was the best I have had in a very long time. One could easily have 3-4 Parathas with the quantity they give.

Other recommended dish in Mains is their Sunny Side Up Appam with Sukha Chicken.

After a soul satisfying Meal, it was time to end the evening on a sweeter note. The dessert selection they offer is a limited one has some interesting twists.

Matka Rabdi with Gulab Jamun:

tanatan juhu - gulab jamun with rabdi

Loved the Rabdi more than the Gulab Jamun. For those who are in love with Rabdi, do give this dessert a try…

Chocolate Hazelnut Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream:

tanatan juhu - Chocolate fondant vanilla icecream

The chocolate Fondant was filled with rich chocolate lava and caramel. A fusion of dark chocolate and salty caramel complimented each other very well. It’s served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cookie crumble. A must try dessert for all chocolate lovers.

Lastly, the Palate Cleanser (Yellow) that was served between appetizers and mains and the Mouth Freshener (Green) served after the meal too were very interesting.

tanatan juhu - palate cleanser

tanatan juhu - mouth freshener

Summing up the review, TANATAN was an amazing experience with Progressive Indian Food and some live music gigs.

Check out their details below:

Tanatan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato




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