9 Reasons Why you should Stay in a Luxury Hotel

Luxurious hotels offer a complete overwhelming experience in all aspects. Whether you are on a family vacation or a business trip, staying in a luxury hotel has many benefits, because you’re spending much more, than you pay for a normal hotel, just for a simple stay.

Here are 9 reasons why you should stay in Luxury Hotels:-

  1. Convenient booking options

You have an option to either book in advanced or walk in to the hotel even without prior reservations. The former can be advantageous since some hotels offer discounts for advanced booking done over the phone or online.

For eg: The Regale, The Paradise and The International by Tunga, are all 3 star hotels in Andheri East Mumbai. Be it anytime of the year, these hotels promises to offer you a budgeted stay, in a beautiful setting. At Tunga Hotels, you get the advantage to avail additional discounts on accommodation at weekends.

  1. Reliable Check-in

In a luxury hotel someone is always present at the front desk or can be easily called upon with a bell. In comparison, if you’re renting an apartment from a rental agency, there is a risk of not being able to meet up with the host and access your room when you arrive.

  1. Offer VIP treatment

A luxury hotel gains its uniqueness through its welcoming atmosphere, beautiful aesthetics and a level of personalized service that just can’t be found in rented apartment or normal hotels. Every visitor/guest is given VIP treatment, right from the time they arrive in the hotel, till the time they check-out. Thus satisfying the customer and maintaining the reputation of the hotel.


  1. Awesome Decor

The decor plays a major role in adding the right amount of positive energy for a perfect ambience. High-quality materials, quirky touches and designer furnishings are often used to create a memorable visual experience in luxury hotels.  In short, they make the customers feel cheerful and blissful during their stay in the hotel.

  1. Superior Room Conditions


Luxury hotels offer exclusive accommodations with great attention to detail. A true luxury hotel will always take time to select the finest linens, curtains, bed sheets, towels, and utensils to style its rooms individually. The hotel staff will also make sure, you get the fresh materials like a new hand-napkin, as an when you require to use.

  1. Modern Amenities

Luxury hotels are well equipped with the modern amenities and promise to make your stay wonderful and a truly memorable one. Some have incredible gardens, mini-gym designed with state of the art fitness equipment, salon and spa service, swimming pool, business lounge and many such more.

  1. Excellent restaurants

If you’re opting to stay in one of the top-rated luxury hotels, chances are there are authentic restaurants serving fine cuisine onsite. Many restaurants feature mouth-watering meals showcasing local ingredients and culture. In short, staying in luxury hotel is a wonderful opportunity to pamper your palate.

Tunga group of hotels in Mumbai, Andheri East have some authentic restaurants to tranquilize your taste bud. They offer you great variety in Indian cuisines as well as International favourites – all prepared in authentic styles, to satisfy your hungry stomach.

  1. Concierge service

Luxury hotels take pride in offering the best to their customers and hence offer concierge service. Transportation bookings, theatre tickets bookings, spa appointments including in room massage, restaurants reservations, baby sitting services, etc and much more can be simply organized by contacting the concierge’s service in the hotel.

  1. 24/7 Top-of-the-line security

Most classy hotels are equipped with excellent security systems. This can ease your worries when it comes to personal safety and room theft on hotel grounds.


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