Mantraa Thane West – New Menu Review

Mantraa Bar & Restaurant has taken Gastronomy to whole another level in Thane. They have come up with a New Menu where they have introduced interesting dishes as well as cocktails that would amaze you with taste as well as presentation.

I had an opportunity to review their newly launched menu which has variety of veg as well as non vegetarian dishes.


img_20170222_211849The Ambience here is kept simple with wooden chairs and Tables. The chairs are comfortable and the place is nicely made up with pillars on the side and an entire seating area in the front.  The Bar is on the opposite side of the entrance besides the Kitchen. The place is ideal for family dinner as well as for friends catching up. The also make arrangements if you’re in a group of 15-20 and will make you comfortable.

Service is another factor which is as important as food in these days. The staff here is trained to help customers and also to suggest them. The service is quick at the start when the place is empty, but will slow down a bit as the place gets full, which is obvious.

Tried 2 different cocktails. Loved it completely.

Nitro Fizz: A Tequila based cocktail made with 5 different liquids and Liquid Nitrogen to freeze these liquids. Its then scooped out in a glass and topped with Watermelon Caviar. Molecular Gastronomy at its best!!


Thai Massage: A perfect concoction of Rum, Yuzu, Pineapple & Ginger, this one was an absolute delight. The sweetness of pineapple balanced the citrus flavors of Yuzu. Definitely try this one.



My food Journey here was completely gastronomical as I was amazed by the fusion they have put into some of their dishes. Started off with

Spinach Squares: Much like the Kothimbir wadi that we have elsewhere, this dish is a healthy twist to that. Made with spinach and good amount of spice, these squares are an absolute delight and not to be missed. They are topped with fried garlic for that extra flavor and crunch.


Curry Leaf Tikka: Chicken Tenders flavoured with curry leaf and spices and grilled to perfection. You can taste the curry leaf flavour very well. These are a little charred and presented in an attractive way.


Lamb Galouti Kebab: Minced Lamb Meat marinated in yellow chilli seasoned with cumin & spices and fried till they get the golden brown colour on the top. These are placed on top of little saffron parathas which is crisp and gives a nice colour to the dish. Goes well with their chilly-mint chutney.


Rosemary Dungar Tikka: 
This was much like a Chicken Tikka with unique presentation. Its served in a glass jar with smoke inside. The taste is good with the smoky rosemary flavor. Again the Chilly-Mint chutney is a good accompaniment to this tikka.


Seafood Seekh Kebab:
Its easy to grill an entire fish but its much difficult to make a kebab of fish meat. The Seafood seekh is a mixture of fish and prawn mixed together with seasoning and marinade and grilled over a seekh. This is very tricky as fish cooks really fast and overcooking can break the kebabs. Th dish again is presented in an attractive way.  Really enjoyed these.


Shakarkand Chat:
The shakarkand chat is an absolute delight. Its a mixture of boiled sweet potato cubes, pomegranate seeds, dahi, sweet and spicy chutney, potato sticks. The tangyness of dahi is balanced by the spice of the green chutney. A different chat to relish.


For Mains we tried both Veg and Non-veg.

Smoked Veg Kolhapuri:
This was a star in taste as well as presentation. The sabzi i.e. Veg Kolhapuri is served in a oval plate like a cake. It is then topped with semi-liquid sauce mostly made of tomato-onion puree. The dish is medium spicy and the smokiness which gives a nice flavour to the dish.


Kalonji Wala Murgh:
Chunks of Boiled Chicken cooked in spicy Onion gravy along with Kalonji or Nigella seeds. The gravy had a different taste. A little more spice could have done justice to the dish. Do try this one as the chicken is cooked really well and the quantity is good for 3.
Both of these go well with Kulchas and Rotis.




Loved this Italian delicacy. The Panacotta had a nice texture. It had a generous drizzle of Mango coulis which had all the flavours. Definitely try this one.


Overall, The new Menu at Mantraa is an interesting one. They have managed to create a balance between the traditional and fusion dishes.

Food: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5


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