Busago – The Real Taste of Burma

Busago gives you a real taste of Burmese cuisine that satisfies your mind and soul. It is said that in olden days, Hawkers in Burma (now Myanmar) who use to carry a bamboo stick on their shoulders with boiled Noodles on one end and Curry in other. They would stop and make the Kaukswe for any customer who wish to have it.

If you’re looking for authentic dishes from Burma in Mumbai, this is the place you should head to. Their specialty the Khowsuey or Kaukswe a dish made with boiled noodles and tasty coconut curry and the right amount of spices/condiments.

Ambience / Service

The entrance is cramped and with kitchen on the right and tables on the right. It has a upper level as well with 4-5 tables with a capacity to seat 20 people. The service is decent with the staff being helpful in suggesting you their specialties.


There’s a variety of Asian food to order in their menu. You can try from Tibetan Momo with an option in veg, chicken, prawn & pork. Their curries are authentic which includes their specialty i.e. Khow-suey. Their Stir Frys are good too. I would recommend Chicken in Basil which is a mix of chili – garlic, basil, and chicken served with a portion of Rice. Definitely try these and you can read about them in detail Here.

My dinner at Busago started with a chilling pair of Ice Teas. Ordered both Lemon and Peach. I would recommend the Lemon Ice Tea. Both the Ice Teas are good but the lemon base is much better than Peach.


Next up decided to go for Momos or Bao but the waiter recommended we go for Chicken Salt n Pepper. I felt its their top seller and went with it. When it arrived it had lots of finely chopped onion, scallions, red chillies, with fresh chicken chunks tossed in salt n pepper.


The next we turned to Mains… This time avoiding their Khowsuey as I have had it before, again tried it from their Specials menu.

Went for a Sesame Chicken – Egg Fried Rice. The chicken was sweet n spicy garnished with sesame seeds. It was topped over Egg fried rice which had awesome flavors


The Rice though appears to be plain steamed rice with just veggies and egg, it was slightly tossed and topped with this amazing beauty as you can see above. Definitely order this one..

Next we ordered Spicy Red Chilly Noodles with Chicken. 


This dish came in with flat noodles with a spicy kick. Sauteed in red chilly sauce, Onion strips, chicken and other veggies, this noodle dish was topped with a fried Egg. he combo of spicy noodles and Fried Egg is a big hit. Definitely Order this one for that spicy touch. The quantity again is wonderful.

After the Mains, we turned to the desserts. Flourless Chocolate Cake is my ultimate choice here..


The cake is soft and gooey. I asked the waiter to heat it and bring but he refused. On my last delivery order I had heated it in microwave and it tasted amazing. This cake was a bit tough and I felt it could have been better if they would have heated it a little.


BusaGo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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