Urban Street Cafe – Khar, Mumbai

Urban Street Cafe – A 2 month old vegetarian cafe is located just a 2 mins walk from Khar Stn (West). Since cafes based on street food are gaining popularity, Urban Street is definitely here to stay for quite a while. Its definitely going to be a hit amongst teenagers. The cafe mostly serves  everything right from Delhi style Chaat to Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Asian, Indian and European. With a Cost for 2 as low as INR 500, the cafe is definitely pocket friendly in the locality.

I tried dishes from almost every cuisine which satisfied my stomach as well as my soul.


Tried the Palak Patta Chaat and the Golgappas, Their chaats are Delhi style and named Chaat from Dillie Heart. Click here to read how I enjoyed their finger licking chaat.



Tried the Brownie Milkshake and the Exotic Berry Milkshake. The Berry milkshake was the best hands down. You can taste the rich flavor of strawberry in it. As I have always stuck to chocolate variant in the shakes, I wanted to try something different here. I saw the berry milkshake got a lot of praise in the reviews, so went for it without thinking.

The Brownie Milkshake was same as that of chocolate, just that it was blended along with a piece of brownie.
The Berry Milkshake

Herbed Mushroom n Cheese Quesadillas:


The mushrooms were finely chopped which I felt was smart. It had some sauteed onion as well as the melted cheese. This was served with Garlic mayo dip and a salsa, both made in house which I thought was great.
A Special mention to their finger licking dips served alongside the Quesadillas. Both the Salsa and the Garlic Mayo are made in house with perfect seasoning and spice.

Corn Spinach n Cheese Quesadillas:


This was the best amongst the 2 quesadillas that I had. The blend of spinach and cheese is a real hi be it the sandwich, a subwich or a quesadilla. The cheese was oozing out from the sides enhancing the flavors of the spinach. A definite must have…

The other 2 also look interesting. Can go for Paneer-jalapeno or Masala Beans n Cheese…

Falafel Lebanese Salad:


Best dish for salad lovers. The fresh veggies are mounted on the top of fresh hummus. Its got everything… crunch of the lettuce, crispy Falafel, sourness of the olives, fresh hummus with pita, color of the bell peppers, and the kick of Sriracha sauce. You can see few drops of orangish sriracha sauce which is enough to give a spicy kick to the salad. Salad lovers can go for this one or can try the Exotic Veg Stir Fry salad.

Penne Magic Masala with Garlic Bread:


The sauce was more like Alfredo but not completely same. According to the owner Mr Abhishek, they add a secret masala to the pasta which gives a different Indian flavor to it. The sauce was rich with cream and had broccoli, bell peppers, etc. The pasta here is not al dente, but is overcooked and made soft to suit the Indian palate. For me the flavor of herbs and cream was more prominent which dominated the pasta and I failed to taste the magic in it. The pasta is served with a couple of Garlic Breads.

Stir Fried Veggies in Kungpao Sauce with Rice:


Have always tried Garlic or Schezwan sauce when it came to Chinese. But today wanted to try something different than the regular. Saw 2 options i.e. Hot garlic Sauce and Kungpao sauce. Ordered the Kungpao variant with Rice. There’s also an option of Noodles. The Rice had great flavors. The veggies nicely stir fried and a bit charred just the way I enjoy it. This is a safe option but those in love with hot garlic sauce should definitely go with Hot Garlic. If I would have to choose again, I would go wit Hot Garlic Sauce.

The cafe currently has around 6-8 tables but will definitely

P.S. I was invited to review their food, but my ratings purely depend on the taste and quality of food.

Food: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Urban Street Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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