Something’s Fishy – Regenza by Tunga Hotels

Tunga Regenza, a 3 star hotel in Navi Mumbai (Vashi) offers 3 restaurants, Something’s Fishy (Seafood), Cafe Vihar (Pure Veg) and One Too Many (Lounge). I have been to Somethings Fishy previously for Buffet, but this time went in for A Ala Carte. They are famous for Seafood in entire Navi Mumbai but they also offer some great delicacies in Chicken and Veg.


SF ambience
Something’s Fishy is recently renovated in June. With this new ambience, it provides you with a fresh look and feel when you enter. The seating is very comfortable and an ideal place for a family lunch/dinner to celebrate a occasion or a friends get-together.

The service is spot on. Before you could finish your dish, the staff is at your disposal to take your next order, which is amazing. The staff is very friendly and will recommend you their best dishes.

The most important thing that you think of when you come to a Restaurant. Ordered a variety of dishes in Vegetarian as well as Non-Veg. The presentation, the plating was spot on. Lets take a look at it.

Bhatti ka Prawns

Bhatti Ka prawns
A Speciality from Amritsar, the Prawns are grilled to perfection, and as fresh as they were just picked out from the sea. The prawns were marinated in grounded spices and cooked over coal and tangy. The prawns were served with onion and carrot strips with a slice of lemon on top. They were finger licking and the best dish in the starters’ lot.

Bhatti ka Paneer (Paneer Tikka)

Bhatti ka Paneer

The veg counterpart of the Prawns. The Bhatti ka Paneer is again cooked over glowing embers, and is fresh and nicely marinated in the masala. I must say that the Paneer had soaked the marination nicely as compared to the Prawns. A good dish with soft and spicy Paneer and veggies nicely grilled. A perfect start for my veggie friends.

Crispy Chicken Supreme with Wild Pepper and Pine Nuts

Crispy chicken supreme wild pepper & pinenuts

This was a Chinese dish. The chicken was fried and sauteed nicely with spices and Wild Pepper. Wild pepper also called as Red Pepper is not used in cooking as much as Black or White Pepper. The chicken had a nicely zing with this Red Pepper. The dish was finished with a generous sprinkle of Pine Nuts.

Check Out the Wild Pepper Plant here

Pasta A La Norma

Pasta A La Norma

Our Veggie lovers got excited and ordered a Pasta to compete with our delicious chicken. The Pasta came out piping hot with a nice aroma which made us nonveggies reach our fork and start gobbling it as it looked very tempting. The pasta was a continental dish made with Penne in tomato sauce along with eggplants, basil and topped with Mozzarella cheese.

Haldi Malai ki Sabzi

Haldi Malai ki Subzi

This is a North Indian Main Course a bit on the sweeter side. The dish is made with fresh cream, Turmeric and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, french beans, carrots, mint leaves, etc. The turmeric gave a nice colour to the dish and the cream made it rich. The spices were on the lower side and the dish had the more intense turmeric flavor which was really good as I never had such a dish in my life. The dish went well with Butter Chapatis.

Murgh Kalimiri

Murgh Kalimiri

The best of the chicken dishes. A bit different than the regular Murgh Kalimiri which you can get in every other restaurant. The chicken was made in cashew paste and some spices and generously topped with crushed black pepper. The chicken pieces were soft and had soaked the cashew gravy nicely. The crushed pepper gave a burst of flavour to the dish. Again hot Butter Chapatis are the best option with this dish.

All in All I enjoyed the A La Carte Menu as much as I did the Buffet on my first visit. The Buffet was so amazing that it made me desperate to try their A La Carte Menu. I will say Money Well Spent!

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5

Somethings Fishy - Regenza By Tunga Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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