Walia’s Kitchen – Vashi

Never knew until today that Rude Lounge has their delivery kitchen by the name Walia’s Kitchen. There’s a huge difference in the pricing of  Walia’s Kitchen Delivery and Rude Lounge dine in.

Not sure if they operate from within Rude or have a separate kitchen but the food quality is great and same what you get at Rude Lounge…

I had last visited Rude almost 6-7 years back when in college. Those were the days when hookah was legal and Rude Lounge of Belapur used to be on the top for Hookah and crowded for their happy hour offer of 1 on 1 Draught pitcher and this was our regular celebration adda. We used to visit on friends birthdays, get together etc. as my college was in Kharghar.

Coming to the Food that we ordered as delivery…

Tandoori Chicken (INR 270)

tandoori chicken

The chicken was nicely marinated in spices. The masala on the chicken was applied thoroughly that every corner of the chicken tasted perfect. Char grilled to perfection. The chicken was juicy and soft The packing was wonderful. Two cartons were packed for 1 full Tandoori Chicken with separate coleslaw. Full marks to the tandoori.

The Chicken Tandoori costs INR 370 @ Rude Lounge.

Chicken Chilli (INR 220)

chicken chilli

At first it looked like a tiny dabba which resembled like it would contain 3-4 pieces of chicken. But once poured in a plate, the quantity was great and chicken was nice and juicy. They had used lots of chillies with center cut but the dish still lacked the heat. The sauce was nicely made but the dish could have tasted better if it was made more spicy.

The Chicken Chilli costs INR 342 @ Rude Lounge.

Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza (INR 220)

chicken bbq pizza

The pizza was generously layered with cheese all over along with BBQ chicken pieces scattered here and there. The pizza is a real steal at the price they offer at Walia’s. I was not sure that the pizza will be of same quality that you get at Rude but it surely was and tasted awesum…

The Pizza costs INR 315 @ Rude Lounge.

I was a bit worried about the pizza as they told it would take 50 mins for delivery. The food came well an hour later, but the pizza was super. Still crispy after the delivery is what made me smile.

The delivery was made from Vashi to Nerul. Full marks to the packing and quality of food. The delivery time could be improved, though.

Will definitely try other items as well from the Thane outlet which is close to my house.

Food: 4/5
Service/Delivery: 3.5/5

Walia's Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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