Rola Rossa Cafe – Lokhandwala Andheri

The cafe is a superhit amongst vegetarians. Its a 3-4 months old startup and they serve Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean cuisines with a homely touch. Their signature dish the Rossas are really good with different ingredients filled with cheese sauce. The cafe is maintained by Mrs Rupali Sanghvi who is into food catering for more than 7 years. All recipes are her own and have been passed on the chefs at the cafe. A great vegetarian startup and this cafe has a lot new things to offer and will please the vegetarian crowd for sure.

Lets see how it looks…



The interior is designed nicely with red and green. Its resembles more like a cafe at a shooting set with windows, tables and trendy architecture. The walls have different signs of food and the menu is designed in a trendy way.

The seats are comfortable, though they have 4-5 tables, their food is worth the wait..

IMG_20160812_194618 IMG_20160812_194354

Lets get started with the FOOD.



They have 4 types of coolers. I tried the Tangy Guava as I wanted the drink to have a zing. I have tried Guava drinks in a lot of places and I was not disappointed anywhere. So went with it. The drink was good and refreshing. You need something like this after a tiring journey battling the Lokhandwala-Andheri traffic to cheer you up. Had lemons, mint leaves, a bit of spices as well which gave a nice zing to the cooler which took it another level.

Rosasrosas - cafe in lokhandwala


The Rosas at Rola Rossa

Started with their Specialty The Rosas. A Rossa is a small bread pocket filled with various ingredients and cheese and baked. Though they have 5 different options I tried the Continental Rosa and Spicy Indian Chatka. The Continental Rosa (above pic) had spinach & corn with cheese sauce. The spinach and corn went nicely with the cheese and had a creamy texture.

The Spicy Indian Rosa had mashed potatoes in spicy onion gravy with bits of onion. This was a bit spicy but who doesn’t like mashed potatoes 🙂 🙂


Exotic Panini Sandwich with Cheese

exotic panini grill

A huge sandwich filled with exotic veggies like olives, onion, purple cabbage, onion, etc along with sauce topped with grated cheese. The sandwich was so filling that you need to share it with someone or you won’t be able to eat anything else. The bread was grilled perfectly and crispy till the end. According to the management it is one of their best seller

2 in 1 Baked Pasta


This is a fusion of Red and White sauces. Creamy till the end with a nice tangy flavor of the tomato. Rich with cream and herbs. The pasta used is Fusili and Farfalle (famously known as Bow-Tie pasta). The texture was creamy. The taste was tangy and had lots of italian herbs infused which made it taste Italian as well as had a homely touch. They use 2 different pastas and 2 different sauce which is perfectly baked to form the cheese crust at the top, may be that’s why its named 2 in 1 pasta. Again, the quantity was super and could be shared by 3. I was fortunate to share the pasta with the owner of Rola Rossa Mrs Rupali Sanghvi.

Brownie with Chocolate Sauce

Brownie with chocolate sauce

The dessert list is small and I decided to have their Brownie as soon as I saw it in their menu. This brownie was as sinful as it looks above. It was a homemade product baked with care and love by the owner. It’s her own recipe passed on to the chefs. The brownie was rich in taste. The chocolate sauce made it heavenly and an ultimate dessert.

Other Recommendations:

Breakfast: Healthy Pancakes (must try)
Appetizers: Fusion Mayo Dhokla, Nachos Supremo, Crispy Cheesy Allowance
Pizza: Peri Peri, Tandoori Paneer, Thaitanic
Pasta: Blush Pink, Rosso
Rossas: All
Burger: Mediterranean Marvel, Jaw Breaker, Ravish Paneer Exotica
Fondue Special: Ice Bhel, Chocolate Fondue, Cheesy Herbs and Paprika

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Ambience: 5/5

P.S. I was invited to review their food, but my ratings purely depend on the taste and quality of food.

Rola Rossa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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